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About me

Sandy A. Oliverio (born March 23) known professionally as DJ Sandy, is a Filipino composer, producer and DJ. Born and raised in Lavezares, Northern Samar, he began writing his own music 5 years ago and started releasing it on TikTok.

His track “Paro Paro G” became a viral success on TikTok internationally, generating over 100 million streams, that shortly caught the attention of record label Evolution Music Group who signed him in 2022. The track is well-known for its catchy hook, dance beats, as well as the “butterfly” hand gesture which is symbolic for “flying without limitations” and has become hugely popular amongst celebrities and tiktokers alike, such as Niana Guerrero, Mona Alawi, Ivana Alawi, Toni Fowler, Mica Salamanca, Queenee Mercado, AC Bonifacio, Andrea Brillantes and more.

His follow up singles “Puro Puro Gin (Long Live Ang Atay)" and "Alpha Kokak (Fly High Jump High)" have also gone on to inspire thousands of dance challenges on the app, with his debut album, “Paro Paro G The Album” being released this year. DJ Sandy describes his music as “danceable beats” that incorporate the Filipino music genre of budots.

"This ‘butterfly’ has landed on different parts of the planet, and everyone including your mom is hooked."

Rhia Grana, ABS-CBN

Eric Perpetua

"DJ Sandy is a rising star that is already taking the music industry by storm!" 

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